5 Essential Tips You’ll Need if You Want to Beat Your Best

lne-consulting-beat-your-bestEvery week, the management team at LNE Consulting prepares a message aimed at unifying our team behind a common goal. This week, our focus was on “Beating Your Best,” in honor of our excitement for the upcoming March Madness games! After a successful week of setting personal records and achieving new milestones, we composed 5 tips for improving performance, no matter what industry you work in!

1. Discover your inner confidence
Sometimes, the easiest way to improve performance is to improve your mindset. Ponder these questions for a moment… Do you believe that you are capable of anything you put your mind to — and that with proper training or tools you’re unstoppable? Are you in the driver’s seat of your career and capable of controlling your own long term success? Your answer to these questions should be a loud and resounding “YES”! The sooner you believe it to be true, the quicker you’ll eclipse your own past performances. Remember, your mindset is arguably the most important determining factor in whether you achieve big things.

2. Be absurdly and insanely prepared 
The saying “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is right on the money (pun intended!). The most successful athletes and entrepreneurs all have incredibly rigorous training and preparation schedules because they understand that their performance will be a direct reflection of their preparation. Tiger Woods, regarded as one of the top 3 best golfers in history, still putts and hits balls on the range every day! The premise is simple: if you want to beat your own personal best, you’ll never do it unless you practice your craft and prepare for whatever ‘uncontrollables’ come your way.


3. Perpetually maintain a student mentality
While an essential part of personal record breaking is practicing what you know — perhaps equally important is continuing to grow. (Anyone else catch that rhyming sentence?) One of the best ways to improve your game is to reach out to others who have already achieved success. Find out what worked for them — and definitely find out what didn’t! If you’re a sponge, continuously absorbing and processing new information, you will undoubtedly grow as a person and as a professional. If you want to be better than you were yesterday, find a mentor or download a great audiobook today.

4. Be hungry
It’s important to note the seemingly obvious fact that in order to beat your best you have to deeply care about your goal. In order to achieve any significant personal milestone, you have to seriously want it. Tom Brady wouldn’t have earned 4 Superbowl rings in 15 years if he didn’t have a burning desire and a competitive spirit that drove him to eat, sleep and breathe football! Want to have better results at work? It’s simple – WANT IT more!


5. Find a seriously awesome accountability partner
If you really want to beat your best, do NOT go at it alone! Whether it be a coworker, boss, mentor, friend, relative, or your local barista (caffeine addicts, anyone?) just make sure that he or she expects improved performance from you. Accountability partners are designed to mentor and motivate when needed. Lebron James has stellar performance season after season because he holds himself accountable to both his team and his family. Want to be a superstar at work or on the court? Find your wingman/woman to help cheer you on along the race of life!

Remember, gearing up to “beat your best” is a decision! If you want the recipe for self improvement, try coupling your innate desire with the 5 tips we listed above! Stay tuned to see how LNE Consulting plans to beat our best Q1!


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