4 Tips from LNE Consulting to Stay #1


At LNE Consulting, no challenge is too big for our Hollywood, Florida-based team. We deliver quality, tangible results for our clients in the most cost-effective way. Recently being considered the top outsourced sales and marketing company for one of the largest mobile telecommunications companies in the world, our goals still remain even bigger. When you are at the top – there’s only one way to go if you do not keep up the work that it took to get you there. We wanted to share how we plan to stay at the top as the #1 vendor of choice for our clients, take a look!

Raise the bar: You cannot become complacent. Just because you have reached the top does NOT mean that you can take your foot off of the gas. In actuality, this is the time to push harder! Even if someone else has never done it before does not mean it is impossible… it’s just never been done. Why can’t you be the one to do it? Management at LNE Consulting is always encouraging employees to improve on their personal best. This is how, time and time again, we can continue to raise our standards.

Self-Improvement: When you’re at the top, everyone is coming for your spot! You have to continue to develop yourself personally and professionally to stay ahead of them. Mark Cuban said is best when he said, “You have to work like there’s someone else out there working 24 hours a day to take it all away from you.”

Fuel your passion: It’s simple…when you are happy you produce better results. Find an aspect of what you are doing that truly enjoy and do more of it! If it is a hobby, or relationships, or philanthropy, be sure to schedule time for yourself to do those things. The LNE Consulting team regularly sets up different charity events and office outings to create a good work / life balance within the company.

Surround yourself with positive influences: Having a positive mental attitude is crucial in order to get to, and stay at the top, of your game. Being around people with similar goals and attitudes will only strengthen yours. When times get rocky it’s even more important to be around those who will help lift you up rather than keep knocking you down. At LNE Consulting this is one of the most important factors to our success.

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