How to Make 2017 Your Year!

The 2016 year was an incredible one at LNE Consulting. The new year kicked off five days ago, and we’ve already made big plans. Here, we are going to share our secrets to making the year work for you too!

Here we go…

Set goals – Or as some people want to call them, resolutions. We prefer goals. Are you going to just let 2017 happen to you… or are you going to make something happen this year? At LNE Consulting we choose the latter. The only way to ensure you do is to set some goals that you’re committed to achieving, come hell or high water.

3o7abnnjtcwfuvnadeHave a plan – You can’t just wish for things to happen. If you’ve set goals before but haven’t achieved them, maybe it’s in your action plan. What if you decided to bake a cake but had no recipe… how would that turn out? The same thing happens when setting goals!

Choose your company wisely – Spend less time with people who bring you down. It seems pretty straight forward but those people are the ones who deter you from being the best version of you. They also end up being the ones who interfere with achieving your goals. So ask yourself, are these people bringing the good or bad out in me? You’ll know what to do from there.

l2sqesgxra4kd1epiStop waiting and start doing – Here at LNE Consulting, we are all about taking action. Our entire advancement process is based upon performance for that very reason. We aren’t going to reward someone for just waiting out their time, they have to perform or take action. The same is true in life. Nothing is going to just happen without effort, so this year, it’s time to make some serious moves!

Decide to be happy – When it’s all said and done, being happy is what counts. The good news? That’s a choice that you get to make every single day. Choose to be happy, see the good in situations, even make changes if you what you are doing currently isn’t making you happy but it’s all in your hands.

To learn more about our goals and how we plan on achieving them this year, follow LNE Consulting on LinkedIn.

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