Seven C’s to Building a Winning Team

lne-consultingAt LNE Consulting (Hollywood, FL) much of our success is due to the diligent team-building effort that is put forth day in and day out by our staff. We work with some of the most recognizable brands in the world, and having great people on board and a culture that supports them is how we consistently deliver results. Check out our 7 C’s to building a winning team.


Coaching – The Management team here at LNE Consulting is committed to the team’s development as much as they are to reaching client targets. Ongoing coaching and mentoring is one of the ways that we help set up our employees for a future of success within our organization.

CharacterOperating with high integrity and overall strong moral character is the way we choose to do business. Leading by example and preaching good behaviors are a few of the ways we instill this into our people. This fosters a culture of doing right by others: our clients, customers and teammates.

Communication – Setting the right expectations is key when it comes to communication amongst coworkers and employees. If people know what’s expected of them from the beginning many issues are avoided. The management team also keeps an open door policy at LNE Consulting, so if there are questions, people feel comfortable enough to ask. Communication is a two-way street, and we consider open discourse between all team members to be essential.

CommitmentNot only does our Management team make a commitment to our clients to deliver high quality results, but they also make a commitment to the employees. In order to create a winning team this has to go both ways. Everyone on the team, including the newest person, has to follow through on their commitments in order to achieve massive success.

Contagious Energy – We should clarify, contagious positive energy! Unfortunately, negative energy is even more contagious, so it’s wise to avoid it at all costs. Excitement, enthusiasm, and optimism are key in building a strong team.

CaringYou have to genuinely care about your customers, employees, coworkers and teammates in order to create a winning team. Taking the time to understand the goals and motivations of teammates generates interest in them as people, not just their results. Here in Hollywood, our team gets together after work on a weekly basis to have some fun and strengthen our team bonds.

Consistency In anything that you do, consistent actions will yield consistent results. There is no difference when it comes to building a winning team. The training provided, the standards that are enforced and all of the above tips will be needed to be done consistently in order to build, and maintain a winning team!

To learn more about the winning team here at LNE Consulting be sure to follow us on LinkedIn.


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