What You Can Learn from Bill Belichick to Improve Your Own Career

billbLNE Consulting (Hollywood, FL) recently joined the 111 million plus people who tuned into Super Bowl 51. It was a record-breaking wild turn of events, as you probably saw, and the New England Patriots walked away with their fifth title since 2000. One of the common denominators is Coach Bill Belichick. When you take a deeper look into his coaching style, you will find a few strategies that can translate into business leadership as well. Here are a few that we also apply at LNE Consulting.

Bill Belichick and the rest of his staff are constantly evaluating the players’ performance. No one is entitled to a position merely because of his tenure on the team. This is something that we hold near and dear to our hearts here in Hollywood, FL. We do not believe in seniority either. Rather, that the performance and results that an individual brings to the table will determine his or her ability to grow within our company.

The New England Patriots under Coach Belichick completely changed the metrics that they measured themselves against. They weren’t trying to be average. Here at LNE Consulting we also do not settle for the status quo, which is one reason we’ve thrived for so many years. We are always looking for ways to improve our team and our performance, thinking outside the box for new ways to get an edge on the competition.

xupoqdtqdwv48mabrqWith numbers at hand, the Patriots coaching staff has made their decisions unemotionally and based on numbers. This is extremely important in business, especially marketing and sales. In fact, when someone joins our team this is one of their first lessons — how to take emotion out of your results and focus on the numbers. When you master that, everything becomes much simpler and the path to success is that much more evident.

Lastly, Coach Belichick has instilled a matter of team pride in the New England Patriots that is unwavering. They believe, to their core, that the team comes first above the individual. In order for any organization, business or sports, to reach unprecedented success, this has to be their attitude. Here at LNE Consulting, we have massive goals that we are striving for and the only way we will do so is with a strong team camaraderie. To learn more about our company culture be sure to check us out on Instagram @ LNE_Consulting.

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