Getting To Know Justin Callahan

At LNE Consulting, we take pride in having a strong and distinguished team. We believe each member of our team plays a significant role in achieving our long-term goals. Today, we’ll be learning more about one of LNE Consulting‘s newer members; Justin Callahan.

LNE-ConsultingQ: What is your first and last name?

A: Justin Callahan

Q: Where are you from?

A: I’m originally from Philadelphia.

Q: How long have you been working with the company?

A: I have been working at LNE Consulting for roughly 2 months.

Q: What attracted you to the company?

A: I was attracted to the opportunity to learn and grow within a company that promotes from within.

Q: What have you accomplished/learned in the short time that you’ve been working here?

A: I have learned time management, the different theories on different types of customers and approaches on dealing with each, and how to work and inspire other to achieve their goals.

Q: What next steps are you most excited about?

A: I look forward to helping to develop other people within the company and moving into a management position.

We are very pleased to have Justin on board the LNE Consulting team and are excited about what lay ahead. He possesses the traits that we value and believe he will be a great asset to our team.

Get to Know LNE Consulting Team Member Jovani Rodriguez

At LNE Consulting we understand how significant our team members are to the work we do, so we thought we’d take a moment to sit down with one of them and get to know a bit about the people who make LNE Consulting the close-knit company that it is. Today we did a little question, answer interview with Jovani Rodriguez who has only been with the company for 16 months and yet has made a very large impact with his positive attitude and go-getter mentality.

18449453_10155258754490126_8358730134459771291_oQ: Can you tell us about your manager? What is the best part of working with him/her?

A: Mrs. Julie Edmonds is an amazing manager, her desire and motivation to help others is incredible. She is very determined and focuses on continuing to grow and bring out the best in others. She’s also very humble and caring. One of the things that she does that makes me laugh is when she starts laughing it’s like she can’t stop and just keep laughing and laughing continuously! The best part of working with Julie is knowing how successful she is and that she is willing to help me accomplish my goals!

Q: Describe the people that you work with.  What are they like?

A: The people I work with in the office are great! Everybody is very motivated and fun to work with. Some are motivated to give their family a better lifestyle, others are motivated to become their own boss and impact others lives positively.  It’s great to surround yourself with successful people and learn from one another. My assistant manager, Otto Hurtado, has become like a brother to me and he is someone I’m very grateful to be able to work with.

Q: What have been some of your favorite team night activities? In your own words, why do you think team nights are important?

A: Team nights are extremely important it gives us an opportunity to bond, create great relationships and have a lot of fun! One of my favorites is when we go bowling! Or go watch sports.

Everything that Jovani had to say about the close relationship he has with his LNE family is exactly the kind of thing that LNE strives to promote with our employees. We are so glad to have Jovani as a part of our team. Thank you Jovani!

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3 Things The NBA Finals Can Teach Us


Basketball, like many sports, requires a great deal of commitment, work, and camaraderie to be successful. At LNE Consulting we don’t model ourselves after basketball teams, but we certainly try to emulate their commitment, work, and camaraderie they display.

Tonight will be the first game of the NBA finals; a rematch of the last two NBA Finals featuring the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. These two teams earned their right to the Finals 3 straight years, and that’s not on accident.

While basketball is merely a competitive, professional sport, it can serve as a microcosm of how to be successful in life. These two teams success is the result of putting in countless hours and following principles that model success. Here at LNE Consulting, we believe that there is a lot to be learned from the upcoming NBA Finals.


1. Commitment is everything

Accomplishing a goal would be almost impossible if you gave up after your first try. If you truly want to accomplish something, you have to stay committed and keep working towards doing that. The reason these two teams have had so much success these past few years is because they stay committed to the game and always strive to be better and accomplish the ultimate goal; a championship. Staying committed will only move you towards the direction of success, while its easier said than done, it’s imperative if you sincerely want to succeed.

2. Teamwork makes the dream work

The NBA is a perfect example of how one person cannot carry an entire team. An example would be the NBA Finals two years ago when the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers faced each other for the first time in the Finals. The Cleveland Cavaliers were missing 2 of their best 3 players that had helped them reach the Finals, and LeBron James essentially tried to carry the team on his back. Despite one of the best NBA Finals performances throughout the series, LeBron James and the Cavaliers would ultimately lose, because the Golden State Warriors had an entire team that each did their part. Because the Golden State Warriors were able to work as a cohesive unit that had experience working with one another, they each focused on doing their individual responsibilities in order to accomplish the ultimate goal.

3. Consistency matters

Showing up when it matters is important. Showing up all the time is even better. A consistent scorer is a more valuable asset to a basketball team than the man who hits a clutch shot but finishes the night 2-11 shooting. The player who scores consistently and puts the team in a position succeed may not always be the hero, but they’re a pivotal part of a team’s success. If you can bring it night in and night out and consistently do your job, although it may not seem it, you will become the foundation of your team.


At LNE Consulting we believe that the NBA Finals aren’t just entertainment, they’re a learning opportunity. These two teams are successful in their department, just as a business can be. At the end of the day their players are working for a team and what they are able to do should inspire us to achieve our goals.

Austin Event a Huge Success for LNE Consulting

It was yet another successful trip for the management team of LNE Consulting. They spent the long weekend in Austin, TX at one of their favorite annual events and reportedly this year’s was one for the books! The 2017 kickoff event was packed from start to finish with a variety of seminars, meetings, and gatherings. Let’s take a look at the itinerary!

austinThe team flew from Hollywood to Austin on Thursday and quickly the day was underway. First, Julie met with a women’s empowerment group for female business owners, of which she is a founding member. Discussions were centered around building wealth and achieving success. Next was a meeting with Julie’s fellow industry consultants and then later an Operation Smile ambassador meeting.

On Friday, the LNE Consulting management team attended a large meeting with one of their clients. Together, they reviewed the success of 2016 and discussed growth strategies for 2017. Across the board, it was agreed that the focus of this year should be organic growth, increased production, and quality sales.

Friday evening featured a cocktail welcome reception for the event’s 700 attendees. The LNE Consulting crew enjoyed catching up with the many colleagues with whom they’ve built relationships over the years. Later that evening, Julie and the firm’s HR staff enjoyed dinner with a large group of colleagues at Café Blue in downtown Austin.

lne-consulting-julie-edmondsSaturday kicked off bright and early with breakfast, lots of coffee, and then the conference’s General Session. The LNE Consulting crew enjoyed hearing speeches from various industry pacesetters. Julie, one of the conference’s speakers and organizers, handed out awards on stage. She shared with us, “This was one of the real highlights for me. It was great to be able to recognize both Elijah and Maryanne on stage.” She was referring, of course, to two entrepreneurs whom she has coached for many years.

Next, Julie hosted a luncheon. She recognized the success of a handful of individuals and discussed several highlights from 2016. Excitingly, Julie announced the upcoming launch of a new online magazine. The group also heard from the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation who shared tips about planning a productive schedule. Lunch gave way to breakout groups for the conference attendees. Julie, one of the speakers, held a breakout session about financial planning. She discussed ways to calculate sales averages, cut expenses, and maximize profit margin.

The evening commenced with a cocktail mixer. The event’s theme was “lux” and the attire was black and white. The ladies wore long gowns. The team enjoyed mingling and winding down after a stimulating day. Next was dinner and a whole lot of photo opportunities. More awards were handed out and a raffle was drawn to raise money for Operation Smile.

As the team headed back to Hollywood, FL, they reflected that the event was a success: they were motivated, energized, and ready with new action items to make 2017 a success.

Be sure to watch LNE Consulting’s YouTube video to relive the event!

Seven C’s to Building a Winning Team

lne-consultingAt LNE Consulting (Hollywood, FL) much of our success is due to the diligent team-building effort that is put forth day in and day out by our staff. We work with some of the most recognizable brands in the world, and having great people on board and a culture that supports them is how we consistently deliver results. Check out our 7 C’s to building a winning team.


Coaching – The Management team here at LNE Consulting is committed to the team’s development as much as they are to reaching client targets. Ongoing coaching and mentoring is one of the ways that we help set up our employees for a future of success within our organization.

CharacterOperating with high integrity and overall strong moral character is the way we choose to do business. Leading by example and preaching good behaviors are a few of the ways we instill this into our people. This fosters a culture of doing right by others: our clients, customers and teammates.

Communication – Setting the right expectations is key when it comes to communication amongst coworkers and employees. If people know what’s expected of them from the beginning many issues are avoided. The management team also keeps an open door policy at LNE Consulting, so if there are questions, people feel comfortable enough to ask. Communication is a two-way street, and we consider open discourse between all team members to be essential.

CommitmentNot only does our Management team make a commitment to our clients to deliver high quality results, but they also make a commitment to the employees. In order to create a winning team this has to go both ways. Everyone on the team, including the newest person, has to follow through on their commitments in order to achieve massive success.

Contagious Energy – We should clarify, contagious positive energy! Unfortunately, negative energy is even more contagious, so it’s wise to avoid it at all costs. Excitement, enthusiasm, and optimism are key in building a strong team.

CaringYou have to genuinely care about your customers, employees, coworkers and teammates in order to create a winning team. Taking the time to understand the goals and motivations of teammates generates interest in them as people, not just their results. Here in Hollywood, our team gets together after work on a weekly basis to have some fun and strengthen our team bonds.

Consistency In anything that you do, consistent actions will yield consistent results. There is no difference when it comes to building a winning team. The training provided, the standards that are enforced and all of the above tips will be needed to be done consistently in order to build, and maintain a winning team!

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