5 Outdoor Activities That Will Keep Summer Going in September

September is here, and with school starting again it may not feel like summer anymore. At LNE Consulting, we have found other ways to keep the summer fun alive despite the coming fall. So before the September responsibilities set in for good, try and get out to try a few of these fun activities.

  1. Bike Riding! To be fair, this can be done in any weather – especially here in Florida where we’ve got sunshine year round. With the summer heat subsiding, September is a great time to pick this hobby up again. If you are able, pack a picnic and bike somewhere remote with friends. Enjoy the beautiful weather with a beautiful ride!
  2. Jet skiing! Check out the local jet skiing options available on Hollywood Beach or some of the other beaches nearby. Get out on the water and make some memories.
  3. Go on a boating excursion. Check out some of the available rental places near us in Hollywood, FL or, if you’re feeling adventurous, take a trip out to the Florida Keys and check out some of the wildlife out there! It will still feel like summer from the bow of your boat.
  4. Try canoeing in West Lake Park, not far from LNE Consulting’s office in Hollywood, FL. There is a wonderful waterfront site for canoeing and picnics, make a day out of it and plan some time before things get busy this fall. Just don’t tip the canoe!
  5. Head on over to the Anne Kolb Nature Center, where there are beautiful hiking trails, an observation tower, an aquarium and even mangroves that you can paddle through in Kayaks! With so many options, this center is definitely worth a day trip.

So, even though it’s September, it doesn’t have to feel like fall yet. While we enjoy beautiful weather all year long in Hollywood, FL, it can still get busier once fall hits and responsibilities begin again. So find some time to keep the freedom and fun of summer alive, and from all of us at LNE Consulting, we hope you make some wonderful memories!

5 Podcasts That Will Get You Excited For Your Morning Commute [LIST]

At LNE Consulting (Hollywood, FL), we know how unpredictable traffic can be, especially if you have a long commute to work. The radio can be repetitive and frustrating at times, especially when you’re aiming to prepare your brain for a productive day of work. Podcasts are revolutionizing the daily commute – offering compelling stories and hours of intelligent and informative entertainment. The best part? They are free and available right on your smartphone!

Here are 5 captivating podcasts recommended by LNE Consulting that will make your drive to work more enjoyable!

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 11.56.28 AM1. S-Town is an enthralling 7 part series that focuses on the life of an antique clock restorer named John B. Macklemore. Sounds boring, right? Well, he turns out to be one of the most intriguing and intelligent people on the planet — with secrets, conflict, and twists galore.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.01.40 PM2. For those who are intrigued by the supernatural, The Black Tapes is the best thing going! An open-minded reporter, Alex Reagan, investigates ghosts, apparitions, and spirits while exploring the evidence of hauntings around the world. The Co-star, Dr. Richard Strand, is a nonbeliever who relies solely on science and tangible, proven evidence – almost always dismissing supernatural experiences as a hoax. Unlike S-Town, The Black Tapes is fictional; however, that opens up a lot of room for a gripping and tremendously spooky story. This podcast will make traffic breeze by, whether you’re on your way to LNE Consulting or running errands!

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.13.03 PM

3. Crimetown takes you to 70’s and 80’s Providence, Rhode Island, where crime and corruption were all the norm in the political system. The studio is planning on working on a new area, new crime, and new story every season – but so far, season one is the only collection that has been published. Season one is a fascinating look into the political career of Vincent “Buddy” Cianci, the mayor of Providence from 1974-1984. The story documents his infamous political career, as well as his connection to the mafia, with real interviews from ex-mob members and people in Buddy’s circle.
Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.29.12 PM

4. The Nerdist Podcast, hosted by the geeky, charming, and well-spoken Chris Hardwick, is a wonderful way to hear the thoughts and opinions of famous and successful people in an informal setting. Essentially, each episode is an hour or so long interview with a stirring guest. However, like most interviews, it does not sound like a press release. The guests are completely open and engaged, answering brilliant, yet casual questions from Chris. It’s like sitting in on a conversation between two buddies! His guests have included Jake Gyllenhaal, J.J. Abrams, Keanu Reeves, and even Bill Gates!
Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.38.59 PM

5. History buffs unite! Check out Hardcore History. Hey, even if you have no prior knowledge of ancient civilizations and traditional academic history, you will love this podcast if you are looking to learn – and we sure do love to learn here at LNE Consulting. Dan Carlin has an unorthodox way of making history enjoyable while blending journalism and drama to create a stimulating learning experience. It is a great podcast to wake your brain up and provide you with some new information to share with your coworkers!

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Austin Event a Huge Success for LNE Consulting

It was yet another successful trip for the management team of LNE Consulting. They spent the long weekend in Austin, TX at one of their favorite annual events and reportedly this year’s was one for the books! The 2017 kickoff event was packed from start to finish with a variety of seminars, meetings, and gatherings. Let’s take a look at the itinerary!

austinThe team flew from Hollywood to Austin on Thursday and quickly the day was underway. First, Julie met with a women’s empowerment group for female business owners, of which she is a founding member. Discussions were centered around building wealth and achieving success. Next was a meeting with Julie’s fellow industry consultants and then later an Operation Smile ambassador meeting.

On Friday, the LNE Consulting management team attended a large meeting with one of their clients. Together, they reviewed the success of 2016 and discussed growth strategies for 2017. Across the board, it was agreed that the focus of this year should be organic growth, increased production, and quality sales.

Friday evening featured a cocktail welcome reception for the event’s 700 attendees. The LNE Consulting crew enjoyed catching up with the many colleagues with whom they’ve built relationships over the years. Later that evening, Julie and the firm’s HR staff enjoyed dinner with a large group of colleagues at Café Blue in downtown Austin.

lne-consulting-julie-edmondsSaturday kicked off bright and early with breakfast, lots of coffee, and then the conference’s General Session. The LNE Consulting crew enjoyed hearing speeches from various industry pacesetters. Julie, one of the conference’s speakers and organizers, handed out awards on stage. She shared with us, “This was one of the real highlights for me. It was great to be able to recognize both Elijah and Maryanne on stage.” She was referring, of course, to two entrepreneurs whom she has coached for many years.

Next, Julie hosted a luncheon. She recognized the success of a handful of individuals and discussed several highlights from 2016. Excitingly, Julie announced the upcoming launch of a new online magazine. The group also heard from the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation who shared tips about planning a productive schedule. Lunch gave way to breakout groups for the conference attendees. Julie, one of the speakers, held a breakout session about financial planning. She discussed ways to calculate sales averages, cut expenses, and maximize profit margin.

The evening commenced with a cocktail mixer. The event’s theme was “lux” and the attire was black and white. The ladies wore long gowns. The team enjoyed mingling and winding down after a stimulating day. Next was dinner and a whole lot of photo opportunities. More awards were handed out and a raffle was drawn to raise money for Operation Smile.

As the team headed back to Hollywood, FL, they reflected that the event was a success: they were motivated, energized, and ready with new action items to make 2017 a success.

Be sure to watch LNE Consulting’s YouTube video to relive the event!