These 4 Quotes Will Transform Your Definition of Success | LNE Consulting

LNE Consulting (Hollywood, FL) shares a collection of quotes that will change the way you think about success.


In every career path, people strive for the same thing: success. But success—ever desired and often elusive—is nearly impossible to quantify. A person who is largely viewed as successful may vehemently deny that they have reached such a status. The truth is that success comes in many different forms, each of which should be recognized and celebrated. That’s why LNE Consulting gathered 4 of the most thought-provoking quotes about success, guaranteed to challenge and transform the way you think about it.

1) “Never mind what others do; do better than yourself, beat your own record from day to day, and you are a success.”—William J.H. Boetcker

This quote is a fantastic reminder that those who constantly compare themselves to other people will never be content with any amount of success. At the end of the day, you are your biggest competitor. It’s you versus you. Your personal success should be measured by your personal progress!

2) “Life is about making an impact, not making an income.”—Kevin Kruse

So many people believe that the mark of true success is wealth. As Kruse reminds us with this quote, life should not be wasted in pursuit of financial gains. Your focus should be on leaving an impact that will live on after you’re gone, because money can’t buy you a legacy.

3) “Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.”—Robert T. Kiyosaki

This quote is one of many which emphasize the role of failure in reaching success. The lesson here is that success is never reached without the wisdom learned from failure. People who are too afraid to try will never learn such lessons and therefore never find prosperity.

4) “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”—Winston Churchill

As Winston Churchill reminds us with this quote, nothing is permanent. Those who reach success may become prideful and fall from it. In contrast, those who fail should not be discouraged, because the courage that they gain in persevering is pivotal in the pursuit of success.

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3 Key Differences Between Strong and Mediocre Leaders

Excellent leadership is a well-known part of our culture here at LNE Consulting (Hollywood, FL). However, becoming a great leader isn’t easy, it’s actually one of most difficult skills to attain. You need to be able to guide a group of individuals to reach a common goal, while at the same time acting in a way that’s responsible and respectful.


As with anything, there is a huge difference between strong and mediocre leadership. The major difference between the two, and the one that matters the most, is that mediocre leadership yields average results and strong leadership creates excellent results. To get those exceptional results, you must first understand what separates a strong leader from a mediocre leader—which is why LNE Consulting is here to share 3 key differences between the two!

1. Excuses

Average leaders always have an excuse when something goes wrong. They try to protect themselves and their image instead of acting in the team’s best interest. The problem with making excuses is that it isn’t productive. When you aren’t showing accountability for your mistakes, you are telling yourself, and the rest of the team, that nothing needs improvement. Strong leaders take responsibility for their decisions and always make an attempt to learn and grow from those failures!

2. Tough decisions

As does any company, we have to make plenty of tough decisions here at LNE Consulting—it’s a necessary part of business. As a leader, you are going to be faced with this throughout your entire career. You can either accept that fact and do your best to be comfortable with confrontation, or avoid it at all costs and let your team suffer. The way in which leaders handle these tough decisions is what makes the difference!

3. Accepting criticism

Feedback is essential for improvement. As a leader, you need to realize that criticism is a two-way street! You are not perfect and, if you act as if you are, you will never gain the respect of your team. It takes humility to accept from the people you oversee. Weak leaders avoid this type of criticism while strong leaders thrive on it for improvement and growth.

What are your best tips for strong leadership? Share them with LNE Consulting in the comments below!


Here Are 6 Pranks to Play this April Fool’s Day

It’s no secret that the LNE Consulting team is full of fun-loving individuals. We’ve gotten pretty good at balancing work and play, so it may not come as a surprise that April Fool’s Day is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate over here in Hollywood, FL.


We’re always looking for new ways to prank each other every year! That’s why we rounded up a list of 6 tricks to play on your friends, family, and coworkers this April Fool’s Day.

1) Print out a sign that says “PUSH” or “PULL” and stick it on a door that requires the opposite action to open it. For example, put a “push” sign on a door that is supposed to be pulled and vice versa for a door that is supposed to be pushed. Don’t forget to stick around to see who falls for your prank!

2) Put an opaque cup or container upside down on a colleague’s desk, kitchen counter, or table. Stick a sign that says something like “Warning! Spider trapped underneath, do not move!” and watch the panic set in when someone encounters your trick!


3) Stretch a length of plastic wrap across a doorway at an average person’s shoulder height and be sure to firmly secure it to both sides of the doorway. Hide nearby and watch an unsuspecting acquaintance stumble into your trap.

4) Trace and cut the silhouette of a spider or other insect out of paper. Stick it to the underside of a lampshade. When the light is turned on, it will look like a big frightening bug is hiding under the shade!

5) Cover any room entirely in sticky notes. Bonus points if you cover the ceiling too! Another version of this prank is to cover the exterior of an unassuming victim’s car entirely with sticky notes so that they have to remove them all before they can drive anywhere! If you don’t have sticky notes on hand, aluminum foil works well too.

Flickr CC Matthew Batchelder

6) Fill an empty donut or pizza box with broccoli, cauliflower, or carrots. Leave the supposed treats in your home or office kitchen next to a sign that says “Please help yourself!” and watch for the look of disappointment on people’s faces as they open the box to discover a pile of plain vegetables!


What are your favorite April Fools pranks to play? Tell us in the comments!

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3 Tips on How to Grow Awesome Employees

Our team members keep the show going at LNE Consulting (Hollywood, FL). In fact, they are the show! Employees are the most important asset of any business—and they need to be treated as such.


However, some companies treat their employees like a liability, which can be phenomenally detrimental to the growth of any business. These are the people who will be operating all of the moving parts of the machine that is your company! One of our fundamental beliefs at LNE Consulting is that as a leader, you must always be training your people to become the best that they can be.


Here are 3 tips on how to grow awesome employees!

1. Training is Everything

You want your employees to come out of training fully prepared and ready to go. Our training program at LNE Consulting is extensive and we invest highly in it. If you lack a professional, top-tier training program then you are going to produce unprofessional, lower-tier employees. In addition, your employees will feel unprepared, inadequate, and unsupported if they are not trained properly. Every company needs motivated and prepared employees that are happy to be at work, which is one of the many reasons training is so crucial!

2. Professional Development

For each new person who joins the LNE Consulting team, we make sure to arrange a meeting to discuss their individual interests, professional interests, and career goals. This is a practice that we’d recommend highly to everyone. Help your team members to make a development plan that includes measurable goals and timeframes for those goals, and be sure to regularly discuss their progress. This is one of the many ways that LNE Consulting keeps our employees motivated and hungry for progress and results!

3. Constructive Criticism

Feedback is incredibly important. If you do not let your employees know how they are performing, how can they know what areas they need to improve on? Constructive criticism is not meant to belittle an employee and it should never be delivered in that manner. It needs to be done regularly and professionally with data and metrics to reference. Delivering feedback effectively will result in exponential employee growth!


What did you think of these tips? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Social Media Tips to Keep Your Profile Professional

At LNE Consulting we understand the importance of maintaining an online presence that is both professional and informative. The simplest search engine can unearth comments, likes and pictures that you may not have considered appropriate for a potential employer or colleague.


It is very likely that most companies that consider you for a position will do some basic online searches to see how you carry yourself online, so check out these tips for keeping your online profiles professional.

  1. Be sure to have school and work sections filled out. This way it will match what is on your resume and there won’t be any confusion about where you earned your degree and what you’ve been doing since.
  2. Update your profile picture, particularly since this often is visible despite your privacy settings. Ask yourself: “If a potential employer or client saw this one picture of me, would they find me trustworthy and professional?”
  3. Go through your pictures and be sure that anything you’ve been tagged in since you joined Facebook circa 2005 are pictures that you want someone else, someone who’s never met you to see.
  4. Watch the comments. Avoid curse words or negative comments in general or on pictures. Depending on your privacy settings, it can be very easy for a boss or potential boss to see you complaining about work, or even about them. If we’ve learned anything from social media it’s that not very much is private.

From all of us at LNE Consulting we hope these tips are informative and useful in keeping your online presence both presentable and professional.


Team Building 101 from LNE Consulting

27459538_10156126492605126_5885260810274663037_nWhen it comes to creating and guiding a cohesive team that will get work done, our team leaders at LNE Consulting are the best! Need some tips and tricks on how to break the ice with your own team? Look no further, LNE Consulting has you covered.

  1. Try some ice-breakers. Name games and improv exercises are always a fun way to get to know your team members. Games open everyone up to being a little silly and perhaps a bit more relaxed—this will help to ease the nerves and get everyone familiar with their team.
  2. Go out on a team bonding excursion after work. Plan a time to go to an interesting event, or go to a cool restaurant. Perhaps breaking the ice just means getting everyone out of the office and into another environment where they feel like they can connect with you and the rest of the team.
  3. Plan something where your team has to work together to solve a problem. Take part in an Escape Room challenge or make a scavenger hunt for everyone to collaborate on. Not only does this show your passion for encouraging a cohesive team, but it will show that you’re putting the work in.
  4. If one of your team members seems less interested in large group settings, try meeting with them one-on-one. Build the individual relationship first, and then work on integrating this person into the group and helping him/her bond with others.
  5. Travel! There are few bonding experiences as effective as hitting the road (or the skies!) together. If you get the chance, we encourage you to head out of town with your team. Perhaps attend a conference or visit a client — and of course do something cool while you’re there. You’re guaranteed to have a great chat or two.
  6. Invite everyone over. If you really want to get to know your team, invite them into your world. Invite them home for dinner or to watch a movie. Introduce them to your family or friends. You’ll be amazed by how quickly you bond.

What are your best team-building ideas? Share them with LNE Consulting in the comments below!


3 Ways to Keep Learning After College | LNE Consulting

Here at LNE Consulting (Hollywood, FL) we believe that if you truly want to be successful, you need to constantly seek out new ways to learn and grow.


College is an excellent place to grasp complicated concepts and develop new learning techniques. However, once you’ve graduated, lessons aren’t thrown at you every single day. In other words, new information comes to you in college, yet when you leave, you need to make an effort to find it on your own. This can be difficult because, well, life is busy. The hunger for knowledge can be replaced with job hunt anxiety and a plethora of real world problems. Don’t be mistaken: this hunger can never stop if you really desire success!

LNE Consulting has come up with 3 ways for you to keep learning even after you have left college!

1. Build your vocabulary

We learned fundamental vocabulary in grade school and it increased in complexity in middle school and high school. However, rarely are there college classes where you focus solely on expanding your vocabulary. Although you probably built a solid lexicon through years of pursuing your degree, it is important to remember that there are dictionaries full of words you have never seen before. A wonderful way to continue your hunt for knowledge after college is to build on your vocabulary and never stop!

2. Find a mentor

Mentors are experienced and trusted advisors who will help you move in the right direction. Being able to have someone who knows the ropes and wants you to succeed is invaluable. You will be able to learn a lot through their successes and failures while also augmenting your career. Our people at LNE Consulting can tell you all about the benefits of having a reliable mentor!

3. Listen to podcasts

Listening to podcasts on your commute or while you are exercising is a fabulous way to learn new information. The best part? They’re free right on your smartphone! There is a seemingly infinite amount of podcasts out there covering everything from finance, to ancient history, to complicated sciences. They can boost your knowledge with minimal effort, making you an expert in conversation and jack of all trades!

5 Ways to Thank Clients and Coworkers This Thanksgiving [LIST]

We love Thanksgiving here at LNE Consulting (Hollywood, FL)! It is a time for appreciating all that we have and all of the wonderful things that our clients and employees do for us. Giving thanks is an important thing to do because it reminds the people that you care about why they are so special to you.

In an age of rapidly increasing technology, personal displays of appreciation are diminishing through clicks and links, which can really take the meaning out of meaningful interactions. Here are 5 ways that you can thank your clients and coworkers this Thanksgiving!

1.  Handwritten Notes

We love in-person communication at LNE Consulting, but sometimes that isn’t always possible!

If there is anything that has been forgotten in this fast-moving society we live in – it’s handwritten letters! What’s actually great about this, though, is that writing someone a letter by hand has become a sincere display of appreciation. Sending a text message or a copy-and-pasted generic email is easy, and therefore has less meaning. Make sure to pull out a pad and paper and wish your customers and coworkers a Happy Thanksgiving, while including some reasons why you appreciate them!

Make sure to pull out a pad and paper and wish your customers and co-workers a Happy Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to include a few reasons why you appreciate them!

2. Get Specific

Don’t be generic with your ‘thank you’ greetings! Thank that employee for staying late all week to work on that project. Let that client know how much you appreciated that referral they gave you last month. Make sure to be as specific as possible and it will make the recipient feel important and thankful for you as well — an ongoing cycle of admiration!

3. Add a Gift

If you really want to go above and beyond this Thanksgiving, add a little gift to show how thankful you really are! It does not have to be expensive to be impactful. Going the extra mile and showing the recipient that you care enough to buy a little something for them will mean the world!

4. Make it Personal

If your client is located in the Northeast, tell them that you hope they are enjoying the fall weather. Even beter, why not wish your client’s children good wishes by name? I hope Billy and Sally enjoy the Tofurkey! Maybe even check out the Thanksgiving Day football schedule and wish your client’s team good luck! Remembering and acknowledging small details are key to showing people that you care, which is a small facet of the relationship-building strategy we have at LNE Consulting.

5. Include a Recipe

This adds some more spice — pun intended — to the personal effect of your gratitude. Along with the other thankful, personal, and specific things that you say to your client or coworker – send them a little recipe to make for their family’s feast!

If you have a famous stuffing recipe that kills on Thanksgiving, don’t be afraid to share the secret with the person to whom you’re giving thanks! It’s personal touches like this that keep clients and employees engaged and excited to be involved with you!

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