LNE Consulting is here to offer a few more constructive steps towards success during post-grad life. Don’t be immersed in unnecessary stress. Breathe, we are here to help!

(If you missed Part I you can read it here!)


Clean up your act! (Or at least just your social media)

Unless you’re applying for a social media based position, delete your social media accounts. Certain companies will find a way past your security settings. Leverage your network of friends and contacts, advisors, professors, parents, anyone who can get you a foot in the door. Just because you may have a mature presence in the social media world, does not mean your old high school friends that you haven’t talked to since PE Freshman year of high school do.


Be yourself

“All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called YOU.”

– Tom Peters in Fast Company

While it is important to know what a company is looking for in a candidate, it is also important to bring your distinctive qualities to the table. We look for unique individuals at LNE Consulting. Many companies aren’t just looking at your education and skill set, but are also looking largely at your personality. Are you friendly? Upbeat? Positive? And most importantly, are you genuine? Don’t put on a front of anyone you’re not. If your most authentic self isn’t able to land you the gig, then it isn’t the gig for you. There is no sense in wasting both the employer’s time and your time pretending to be fit for a job that you you are not.

Work Hard

Dreams don’t work unless you do. Remember, embarking on this journey is new. Despite your degree, you don’t know as much as you think you do; don’t be above anything. Work hard. Ask questions. Work hard. Don’t expect it to be easy. Work hard. Don’t look for excuses.


Always put your best foot forward, maintain a positive work ethic and be open to all the possibilities this new adventure will bring. At LNE Consulting, we understand how plunging into new experiences like post-grad life can be a scary process, but as one chapter ends, another begins, and with it comes excitement and opportunities.



Lindey’s Lessons: Employee Review of LNE Consulting

There’s a reason that LNE Consulting in Hollywood, Florida has been voted one of the best places to work in the United States three years in a row. As a National Best and Brightest Company, they provide ample opportunities for employees to develop professionally as well as having advancement paths within the company. We spent some time with the Hollywood team to learn more about this thriving company and even had a chance to speak with a current employee about some of her experiences. This is what we found…

The LNE Consulting Management team is extremely supportive and hands on with their employees, including President Julie Edmonds. Rather than a directive, micro-managing style however, they empower people to take initiative and be self-sufficient; essentially coaching them on how to manage themselves. Employees are also held to high standards to bring out the best in themselves, there is no such thing as doing the “bare minimum” with this group of go-getters.

As far as the team themselves go, they are a very tight-knit bunch, but always extremely welcoming. They understand that by helping each other reach their goals, in the end, they will all win. Their positive attitudes are contagious and they believe that making excuses is a waste of time. Instead, they take it upon themselves to find solutions to any obstacle that might be in there way (a result of the empowerment given to them by their superiors).

Lindsey Kamen has been a part of the LNE Consulting team for three months and she has already started to see a change in herself professionally, as well as personally!

“I have become a more optimistic person. I’ve learned that having a bad day doesn’t mean you should give up, it just means that tomorrow will be better. Things have a way of balancing themselves out,” said Lindsey.

Part of the training at LNE Consulting is developing a set of habits that will allow someone to reach their true potential in their career. The unique part of this training is that, from what we learned, those habits are completely transferrable into any job, industry, and even life. This is what Lindsey told us about the habits she is developing, “They truly have become a guideline for the road to my success. Following these habits is helping me become a better person and employee.”

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