5 Fun Facts About Halloween

October is here and we know what that means! One of our favorite holidays at LNE Consulting, Halloween, is quickly approaching!

But how much do you really know about Halloween or Hallow’s Eve as it is sometimes called? Check out the list below of 5 fun facts about the holiday that you may never have heard before!

  1. Halloween is actually believed to have Irish origins. They have a holiday called “Samhain,” which is a festival of the dead. Dia de Los Muertos is also a popular day in the Hispanic culture which is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd. 
  2. Trick-or-treating used to be much more involved. For instance, you used to have to dance for your candy, or actually beg. Also, it was very common for tricksters to play jokes on the people they were begging from — and some could be quite mean spirited!

  3. Jack-o-lanterns, which were traditionally created to scare away the evil spirits, used to be made out of more than just pumpkins. People used to carve beets, potatoes, and radishes as well! Perhaps not quite as large or scary as a pumpkin, though!  
  4. Halloween is sometimes referred to as Hallow’s Eve because the next day, November 1st, is called “All Saints Day,” which is a day dedicated to the saints of the Catholic church. It is also, as previously mentioned, Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico. 
  5. In Rome, they used to celebrate a festival called “Pomona,” which celebrated the goddess of the harvest. This festival was thrown around the same time as Halloween is celebrated now, and we have adopted some of their celebration activities, like bobbing for apples!


Can you see why Halloween is such a fun holiday? The holiday is a combination of so many different cultures and fun events. LNE Consulting’s favorite part is definitely the fun costumes. From all of us at LNE Consulting, we hope you have a fantastic Halloween and see lots of fun costumes. Follow us on Instagram to check out what we’re doing for Halloween.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 6.12.14 PM
Here’s a picture from last Halloween!


The Countdown Has Started: Here’s How to Make the Most Out of the 10 Remaining Days of 2016

lne-consulting-hollywood-christmas201616Whether you’re planning to hustle through the holidays or catch up on some rest and relaxation (or both!), LNE Consulting has some great tips for you to maximize the most wonderful time of the year!

1. Remember that the best “present” is your “presence” — and by that we mean your full attention. It’s important to set boundaries between work time and family time. Whether you’re hanging out with your favorite or least favorite family member (ha!), it’s important to put your phone and laptop away. You’ve probably been on the receiving end of this pesky habit, so you know what it feels like. If you plan on working during your holiday vacation, do so, by all means! Just remember to give 100% of your attention to the task at hand, especially if it’s time that should be designated for connecting with loved ones.

3o7tkwj24u9qq3z6zc2. Do everything you can to end the year with a bang. There are still 10 days left in the year to gain ground on hitting your goals. Or, depending on your actions, that’s 240 lost hours that are chalked up to ‘next year will be my year.’ Just because the year is waning, doesn’t mean that your work ethic or attitude have to.  If you’ve got an important goal, why wait until a certain day to get going? Not to mention, we’ve learned throughout LNE Consulting‘s history is that the more momentum you have as the year closes, the easier it will be to pick back up as soon as the ball drops.

3. Set new goals that you care deeply about. New Years Resolutions are a dime a dozen and only a fraction ever come to fruition. There are many reasons for this, but the common denominator in failed goals is the lack of commitment to seeing them through. If you decide to jump on the New Years Resolutions Bandwagon, do so with vigor. Write your goals down. Discuss them in detail with a mentor. Share them with your friends and family. Head into 2017 with the utmost resolve to accomplish what you’ve set your mind to. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t choose your goals haphazardly over your midnight glass of champagne!

lne-consulting-hollywood-christmas201664. Relax! Meditate! Breath! If you’re avid Stephen Covey fans like we are at LNE Consulting, you’ve heard of “sharpening the saw.” As the story goes, an exhausted woodcutter was attempting to saw down a tree. An onlooker suggested that he stop to sharpen his saw, to which he replied that he didn’t have time to take a break. Now that’s silly! Sharpening the saw is different for every individual, but the idea is to renew yourself. Our CEO, Julie Edmonds, for example, is a big fan of daily meditation. By quieting her mind she is able to stay grounded and run the successful business that she does. The holidays can be a busy time, so don’t forget to take some time to yourself to rejuvenate.

There’s a whole lot of action happening at LNE Consulting. If you’d like to stay up to date with the team be sure to follow us on Instagram @LNE_Consulting!